About the ABC* Foundation

The abc* Foundation is a think-do 
tank that identifies and supports high-impact initiatives and leaders in the Americas striving to promote peace, sustainability and prosperity.

We support projects that promote innovative, long-term and sustainable solutions to social and environmental challenges. We believe that empowerment and hands-on engagement, rather than distanced charity, is the key to successful philanthropy.


To support high-impact innovative initiatives and leaders throughout the Americas in their pursuit of long-term solutions promoting peace, sustainability and prosperity.

Channels to Change


We partner with both our portfolio organizations and renowned institutions such as Ashoka, the Knight Foundation and the Inter-American Development Bank to ensure that impact is maximized.

Funding and Advisory Support

We enhance the partner organizations and the leaders behind them through funding, advisory services and contacts.


We create spaces of interaction
for the leaders, abc* Fellows, businesspeople, the media and the impact community-at-large to brainstorm about the region’s most pressing challenges, to exchange best practices, to engage with pro-social and environmental organizations, and to learn from prominent luminaries.