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A Ritmo de Cambio - 2011
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

In 2011, at the World Economic Forum on Latin America in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the A Ritmo de Cambio project was again showcased throughout the event.

In keeping with the tradition of recording a song with a social purpose, “Sachita” (A Song for Brazil), united over 35 artists from diverse musical backgrounds. “Sachita” was unveiled during the Carioca Night concert at the Forum. During this concert, the abc* Foundation showcased the work of AfroReggae, a cultural organization that provides positive alternatives to a life of drugs and violence for young people in Brazil’s favelas by harnessing the creativity of their communities.

Guillermo Romo, abc* Foundation Co-Chair and World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, and Mark Johnson, Playing for Change Founder, hosted an interactive lunch session on Thursday, April 28, titled “Social Impact through Culture.” During this session, a panel of experts discussed how culture transforms communities, unites people and is an economic driver. A Ritmo de Cambio was showcased as one of these initiatives, focusing on the power of music to unite people and transform lives.

Date: April 28, 2011

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