Featured Speakers

Dr. Jane Goodall
Renowned Primatologist and UN Messenger of Peace
Jeb Bush
Former Governor of Florida and Chairman of the Foundation for Excellence in Education
David Axelrod
Barack Obama Campaign Advisor and Political Consultant
Luis Alberto Moreno
President of the Inter-American Development Bank
William McKibben
Environmentalist, Author, Founder of 350.org
Dr. Jared Diamond
Scientist and Author
Alex Steffens
Planetary Futurist
Dr. Don Beck
CEO, Spiral Dynamics Group
Francisco Sánchez
Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade
David Broza
Multi-Platinum Israeli Singer-Songwriter and Guitarist
Mark Plotkin
Rainforest Preservation Expert
Daniel Nepstad
Tropical Ecologist
Roni Avissar
Dean, Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, University of Miami
Chandran Nair
Founder, Global Institute of Tomorrow (GIFT)
Continuity Forum 2011

The Continuity Forum, now our signature annual event, is based on the premise that continuity, when applied to philanthropy and social and environmental impact, is exemplified through sustained efforts to improve the greater good. The event convenes luminaries from a variety of industries and hailing from across the globe who exemplify this tireless persistence to positively advance the world.

The event provides a stage for 30 - 35 of the most driven and creative social entrepreneurs from throughout the Americas, identified through our partnerships with Ashoka and Innovadores de America, to showcase their innovative organizations.

Renowned speakers focus on how to drive continuity so that the key issues in the Americas — climate change, poverty, education, political stability and freedom, hunger, access to quality healthcare and sustainable economic development — remain the region’s top priorities.

The audience, comprised of some of the hemisphere’s most influential business and thought leaders, is presented with a pipeline of pre-screened projects to directly engage with.

Three initiatives out of the 30 - 35 are selected annually to receive funding and hands-on advisory, media and marketing support for the subsequent two years with the goal of reaching jointly identified quantifiable objectives. The abc* Foundation’s goal is to maximize social impact given the threshold of its resources. Consequently, the Foundation selects initiatives that, with the added assistance of its resources, have the greatest potential for maximum scalability. We also seek to provide quality exposure to potential supporters, investors and media for all presenting initiatives through the audience and our press efforts.

The 2011 abc* Continuity Forum marked the first of what has become an annual event. Thirty-four of the region’s top social entrepreneurs showcased their organizations resulting in the groundbreaking work occurring with the three selected initiatives: Biotecnología Agrocolombiana, Cauce Ciudadano and La Tablée des Chefs.

Date: November 15, 2011 – November 17, 2011

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