Naya Jeevan

Naya Jeevan is a non-profit dedicated to rejuvenating the lives of low-income families in emerging markets by providing them with access to quality and affordable healthcare and insurance.  Naya Jeevan negotiates and buys group health plans from insurance companies at sub-market...

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The Americas

Fairtrasa helps underprivileged, small-scale farmers in developing nations escape poverty and improve their lives by providing them with technical support and access to local and international markets. Fairtrasa ensures that the farmers with whom they work are paid fair prices for...

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Planeta Océano

Planeta Océano is committed to conserving and restoring coastal and marine environments that are threatened by overexploitation, pollution, habitat degradation and climate change.  Focusing its efforts on research, environmental education and awareness, and sustainable development,...

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La Tablée des Chefs

The abc* Foundation believes that the cause of the enormous problem of worldwide hunger lies not in the lack of actual food, but with its unequal distribution. By partnering with La Tablée des Chefs, an innovative organization based in Canada, we seek to tackle the root of the...

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Cauce Ciudadano

Cauce Ciudadano works to prevent and confront the vast and growing crisis of youth violence and crime in Mexico. A young person who goes through the criminal system in Mexico has a 92% probability of relapse. Through its programs, Cauce reduces this relapse index to 26%, and at a...

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Biotecnología Agrocolombiana
Mexico & Colombia

Biotecnología Agrocolombiana addresses the expansive problem of waste management in the Americas by creating integral waste management plants that could potentially eliminate the necessity for landfills or any other environmentally harmful disposal alternatives for organic waste....

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abc* Expedition - Cocos Island
Cocos Island, Costa Rica

With the goal of inspiring leaders to live more sustainable lives and to influence others to do so, the abc* Foundation has periodically gathered groups for immersive, hands-on experiences in locales of ecological importance.

The most recent expedition was to the Cocos Island, a...

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Marine Protected Areas

Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) is an abc* Foundation-directed program that seeks to expand No Take Zones, oceanic areas that provide and ensure sustainable economic and ecological benefits. We are currently working in partnership with National Geographic and with several renowned...

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Healing Power of Music

The Healing Power of Music is an initiative that supports music education programs in marginal communities throughout the Americas and serves as a platform for projects that use music as a tool for reconciliation and social change. Its mission is to create awareness about the power...

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abc* Fellows Program

Who are the abc* Fellows?

The abc* Fellows are comprised of emerging world leaders from various fields of expertise who are specially suited to contribute and benefit from the social initiatives the foundation undertakes. During the two-year fellowship program, the abc* Fellows...

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