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  • Rodrigo Bravo

    Senior Director of Operationsabc* Foundation

Healing Power of Music

The Healing Power of Music is an initiative that supports music education programs in marginal communities throughout the Americas and serves as a platform for projects that use music as a tool for reconciliation and social change. Its mission is to create awareness about the power of music to transform individuals and communities, while focusing on existing music education programs that empower young leaders.

In 2010, the abc* Foundation joined forces with Playing for Change and started A Ritmo de Cambio, a project that aims to unite people across the Americas though music. We first recorded in 2010 “La Tierra del Olvido”, uniting Colombian musicians from all walks of life to create a music video that shows the potential music has to unite people of different ages, cultures, religions and beliefs with a single social purpose in mind. In 2011, we worked with AfroReggae, an organization combating social ills in Brazil, to record “Satchita”.  And in 2012, we recorded
Mexico Lindo y Querido”, turning the spotlight on Cauce Cuidadano, an organization that works to prevent and confront the vast and growing crisis of youth violence and crime in Mexico. Music is one of this program’s most effective tools, proving again to be a powerful catalyst for reconciliation and positive transformation.

Thanks to a partnership with the World Economic Forum (WEF) on this project, each of these videos has debuted during the annual Forum on Latin America to an audience of the region's most influential leaders.

The abc* Foundation also continues its work in each of the communities that it has touched through the music videos.  In 2011, we started a music education program to preserve the ancestral musical legacy of San Basilio de Palenque, an UNESCO Heritage of Humanity site and the birthplace to some of Colombia's most significant rhythms and where some of the musicians who performed in “La Tierra del Olvido” are from.

This year we have started supporting 4 Elementos Skuela, a hip-hop school serving approximately 400 kids per week in one of the most violent neighborhoods of Medellin, Colombia.  At 4 Elementos Skuela, a talented group of over a dozen community leaders volunteer their time to teach youth about the 4 artistic expressions of hip hop: MC(rap), DJing, break dance, and graffiti art. 

The abc* Foundation is working towards expanding the school's program to benefit at least 70 more students immediately, with greater expansion goals for the near future. We are also providing them with a recording studio coupled with educational programs so that the students learn music and video production. This will enable the students to create and share their artistic movement and will give visibility to the incredible work that 4 Elementos Eskuela is accomplishing to prevent youth violence and crime.

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