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abc* Fellows Program

Who are the abc* Fellows?

The abc* Fellows are comprised of emerging world leaders from various fields of expertise who are specially suited to contribute and benefit from the social initiatives the foundation undertakes. During the two-year fellowship program, the abc* Fellows are invited to participate in all activities organized by the abc* Foundation.  Not only does this opportunity serve as a networking hub among these emerging leaders, building their careers and professional relationships, but it promotes lasting camaraderie, critical to making positive, long-lasting changes in the region.

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How to become an abc* Fellow

The abc* Fellowship is a by-invitation-only program. Candidates can be proposed by other fellows, or by the abc* Board of Directors. Final decision on who becomes a fellows is made by the Fellows Selection Committee and abc Board, who will seek to maintain a group that is diverse in background, experience and skill sets.

Fellows must be 40 years old or less by the end of the year they are nominated. The abc fellowship is a two-year program, with some exceptions made if fellows involvement is essential to any abc project they are involved with during that time.

What does it mean to be a Fellow?

Being part of the abc* Fellows is both a privilege and a responsibility.


  • Being part of a select group of individuals from across the world, with shared values, impressive track records and a wide network of contacts
  • Access to the foundation's chairmen
  • Networking opportunities and access to established leaders in a variety of fields
  • Invitation to abc forums and events
  • All-expenses-paid VIP invitation to Fellows Annual Reunion
  • Access to leading media companies


  • When needed, serve as honorary advisors to the initiatives the abc sponsors each year
  • As advisors, fellows are expected to lend their expertise and provide direct operational support to these initiatives for as long as the abc foundation is involved with them. If travel is required,  expenses for this trip will be paid for by the foundation
  • Failure to comply with fellowship’s responsibilities will result in the fellow not receiving full privileges the following year

abc* Fellows Annual Reunion

The abc* Fellows Annual Reunion is an event organized by the abc* Foundation in partnership with leading world institutions, such as the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). Each year the fellows visit a different country in the world. Past meetings have taken place in Colombia and México, during the Inter-American Development Bank Annual Board of Governors Reunion, and in Israel during the Israeli Presidential Conference. During these meetings the fellows enjoy a unique opportunity to come face to face with today’s key business figures and policy-makers in order to discuss the most pressing issues affecting the globe, foster relationships and share ideas. These bonds provide fertile ground for innovative thinking and fresh solutions that will shape, define and redefine policy.

Our shared beliefs:

  •  Promoting societal change to make countries in the Americas more just and meritocratic
  •  Expanding the structure of opportunities to generate more social-economic inclusion with market-friendly reforms
  •  Encouraging civil society participation to bring together politics and business to level the playing field
  •  Fostering competition in politics and business to achieve sustainable growth and development
  •  Reducing information asymmetries by educating the population about institutions and opportunities
  •  Supporting initiatives that seek to bring about positive social, political and economic change
  •  Helping disseminate successful initiatives for positive change in other countries
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