Leadership Team

  • Luis Orlando Castro

    Executive DirectorBiotecnología Agrocolombiana

  • Camilo Galvis

    Executive Directorabc* Foundation

Biotecnología Agrocolombiana
Mexico & Colombia

Biotecnología Agrocolombiana addresses the expansive problem of waste management in the Americas by creating integral waste management plants that could potentially eliminate the necessity for landfills or any other environmentally harmful disposal alternatives for organic waste. These facilities recover recyclable materials and, through the use of pioneering biotechnology, turn organic residue into a 100% organic bio-fertilizer with the capacity to increase crop production up to 244%. Benefits of the process include the elimination of harmful gas emissions from waste decomposition and landfills, subsoil water contamination and agrochemical use, while regenerating soils that have lost most of their organic components.

In addition to the immediate social, health and environmental impact to communities benefiting from this technology, a large scale implementation of Biotecnología Agrocolombiana can help address global warming on a mass scale by tackling the approximately 30% of the world’s harmful gas emissions resulting from the current approach to organic waste management.   

The abc* Foundation is working on further promoting the implementation of this technology by bringing together key government, business and multilateral organization stakeholders who can facilitate the creation of several processing plants in Latin America, starting in Mexico and Colombia.

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