The abc* Foundation is a think-do tank that identifies and supports high-impact initiatives and leaders in the Americas striving to promote peace, sustainability and prosperity.

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abc* 2014 Report

The power of collaboration, abc* Foundation, Ashoka and the Continuity Forum.

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  1. The #FairTrade Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts that give twice! @FairTradeUSA #socent @SocialEarth

    40 minutes ago

  2. "In a world full of distractions, it’s your humanity that cuts through the noise." -@maria_ressa #socialgood

    2 hours ago

  3. Visionaries Unbound: Engaging Global Experts in Reimagining the Future #Innovation #SocialGood

    4 hours ago

  4. Tuck prof @vgovindarajan says biggest struggle for organizations is to engage in breakthrough #innovation. #business

    16 hours ago